Virtual Tour

Take a Trip Through the Process

  • Digitize It

    Step 1: Digitize It - New logos must be formatted to sew on the computerized embroidery machines. You can trust the experts at Sundance to translate your logo into embroidery art!

  • Stitch-out

    This is a "stitch-out." You will be presented (electronically) a proof such as this one for your approval before work begins on any merchandise.

  • Hoop It

    Step 2: Hoop It - Each article must be "hooped" in order to be embroidered by the machines.

  • Stitch It

    Step 3: Stitch It - These amazing machines can stitch the same design on up to 12 items at once!

  • Clip It

    Step 4: Clip It - We inspect each item carefully. Once the embroidery backing material is trimmed and all loose threads are clipped, the finished product is ready for delivery.